Concentric Slave Cylinders, Hydraulic Bearings
The concentric slave cylinder is found in many late model vehicles as original equipment. ACE has a broad range of these cylinders, some come with the thrust bearing as an assembly, and some are available as individual hydraulic units.

– Smaller number of moving parts, thus less parts failures
– Less area required inside bell-housing
– Less pedal pressures
– Self adjusting system
– Simple installation

Quarter Master® Hydraulic Street Release Bearings are designed to be used with OE-style clutches that require the use of a flat bearing face.These bearings work with today’s high pressure clutch systems and are universally adaptable with most rear wheel drive transmissions, but may require slight modification for some specific applications.

Hydraulic Bearings eliminate the need for a clutch fork, slave cylinder and throw-out bearing. Hydraulic bearings are now widely used in most applications where there is limited room, or the orginal components are heat effected.

QuarterMaster Hydraulic Bearing – $360

The QuarterMaster Hydraulic Bearing can be used on the following transmissions:•T5
•Supra 5 Speed
•Tremec TKO
•Tremec T56

Please be sure to check if your particular transmission is suitable before purchasing, as the front retainer may need to be machined to suit the QuarterMaster Hydraulic Bearing.

Alloy T56 Concentric Slave Cylinder

Concentric Slave Cylinder to suit Ford and Holden Tremec T56 and Ford XR6 Turbo T5 Transmissions.
Alloy T56 Slave Cylinder – $150
Flexible remote bleeder fitted, making the bleeding process much easier, and no longer will you have messy clutch fluid in your bellhousing.

Alloy T56 Concentric Slave Cylinder With Billet Piston

Also available with Billet Alloy Piston, ideal for use with heavy duty pressure plates, and also where extreme temperatures for clutch and components
Alloy T56 Slave Cylinder with Billet Alloy Piston – $245
This is showing the Billet Alloy Piston, alongside the original Plastic Piston.